Be Thankful and Enjoy Excellent Health!

Be Thankful and Enjoy Excellent Health - A blogpost by Dr. Carolle

Being thankful – around the Thanksgiving holiday, and EVERY DAY, will not only make you feel good about yourself, but you will be less likely to feel unhappy, be more able to see the good things in life, have peace of mind, be more capable to share your blessings with others and also enjoy excellent health!

Here I am, at the age of 65, on Medicare (wow, time really does fly) and at a time in life when most people are preparing to enjoy the rest and relaxation of retirement. But no, not me! I have so much knowledge, am so full of life, and have so much to share with others! It is still my life’s work to help people alleviate their suffering, be healthy and enjoy excellent health, like I do, painlessly and effortlessly.

A week ago I got the keys to the beautiful new location on Miramar Road, in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego, where the True Healing and Wellness Institute will open in January of 2016.

I have been having the time of my life gathering a team of like-minded healthcare providers to share the space and offer a wide array of medical expertise, both Western and otherwise.

I am thankful for:

  • Being in excellent health – mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Having great relatives, friends, and business partners
  • Having been given many opportunities in my lifetime and being able to take advantage of them
  • Having the intuitive skills that enable me to help others
  • The ability to take life one day at a time
  • The ability to live in the moment, no matter what
  • Being okay with my reflection in the mirror
  • Enjoying all the different kinds of work and hobbies I do
  • Being able to enjoy time to the fullest
  • Knowing my life purpose!

It’s your turn now! What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “Be Thankful and Enjoy Excellent Health!

  1. sylvia Telafaro says:

    One of the things I am thankful for is that the universe gave us you. Thank you so much Dr. Carolle for all the knowledge you impart

  2. 1)I am GRATEFUL to have GOD in my life. I believe all things have a meaning. There is no death, just the next level. We go back from where we came. We go HOME.

    2)I am GRATEFUL for my willingness to live life to the fullest with discernment and caring.

    3)GRATEFUL for my for two daughters, one of which has been fighting Cancer for last 6 years and succeeding.

    4) GRATEFUL For my beautiful Grandbabies & Great Grandbaby who is now One years old. She is a gift from my oldest 33yr. old Grand daughter and her husband.

    5)GRATEFUL for extended family members.

    6)GRATEFUL for having had a GOOD Mother.

    7)GRATEFUL for a roof over my head, clean sheets, food, and basic substance. I have everything I need and more than I want.

    8)GRATEFUL to have known the friends I had come close too, this year who have gone on to Spirit. Their teaching remain with me.

    9)GRATEFUL to know everything in my life has been a gift for enlightenment, higher purpose, and a betterment for the masses.

    10)GRATEFUL for thought provoking materials like this questionare from Dr. Carrole, for health consciousness,
    in physical, mental, personal development, and Spiritual understandings. My sincere gratitude, for a successful year. CONGRATULATIONS: On your NEW location!!

    Infinite Love and Gratitude
    Yolanda McCusker
    619 384 5970
    Legal Shield Associate

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