Gardening for your Mind and Spirit

Gardening for your Mind and Spirit - A blogpost by Dr. Carolle

At a particularly stressful time in my life something compelled me to take up gardening to clear my head. I was deciding whether to quit private practice as a holistic gynecologist and be an intuitive consultant for midlife women. I started digging and planting and now, years later, I have a beautiful botanical garden. My garden has not only provided me with flowers, fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, it also offers me, and my midlife women clients, a place to replenish the soul.

Whenever I take a stroll in my garden, I experience a sense of peace, and also excitement about the life I watch growing around me. Each time is full of surprises; the burgeoning of the deciduous trees during spring, bright yellow, honey, and blue irises, fragrant roses that keep on blooming. It seems the lizards know when I am coming and cannot help darting along my path. The many birds sound like a beautiful orchestra. The fountains along the raised garden and winding path, and the waterfall that divides into two creeks and then falls into a large pond, provide a little patch of heaven. I talk to my plants and trees, thanking them for offering me so much beauty. No wonder they thrive… Like all living things, I think they can feel the love, and return it.

I found my garden so beneficial to my peace of mind and spirit that I decided to give the opportunity to some of my clients to spend their time with me in nature, instead of inside a sterile office. The first hour or more of our encounter is spent walking around; pulling a few weeds, gathering fresh fruits and flowers. During the rest of their stay, we spend most of our time together in the garden, as weather permits. Guests also have the opportunity to choose a special spot to be alone, breathe the fresh air, and reflect on what we’ve discussed as we make sense of their lives. Because of the reflective nature of my home, we are looking forward to hosting 3-night retreats here in mid-January. Please contact me if you are interest in finding out more.

Being in the garden gives me a beautiful balance with work: It is mentally beneficial both for my clients and I. It calms the mind, and when the mind calms, the soul is more at peace. Before my guests leave, we take cuttings from the numerous succulents, cacti and flowers, and I put them in a beautiful pot so they can take home a little bit of the peace of mind they’ve found here.

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