Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Forever Consultation

  • Are you dealing with Type 2 diabetes?
  • Are you tired of continually sticking yourself with needles?
  • Would you like to avoid diabetic complications such as strokes, numbing or burning of the feet, heart disease, eye problems, kidney problems, etc.?
  • Do you yearn to live a powerful life doing what you want to do without worries?

For the past four decades, I have helped hundreds of people diagnosed Type 2 diabetes and its complications keeping their blood sugar and HB A1c levels under control using an easy and sustainable approach that becomes effortless with time.

I can help you!

During our time together you will learn how to:

  • Understand the relationship between stress and blood sugar levels
  • Find out the root cause of your stress and how to deal with it efficiently
  • Uncover other conditions that can elevate blood sugar such as depression, over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • Know that there is no “bad” or “junk” food, but how to eat according to your culture, personal taste, affordability, and availability, AND keep your blood sugar under control
  • Discover which food is causing YOUR blood sugar to be elevated
  • Implement a sensible exercise program without hurting yourself and be able to keep it up for years to come
  • Listen to your body and understanding when your blood sugar is too high or too low
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate the need to take medications to control your blood sugar.
  • Reduce and eliminate the health risks of diabetes.
  • How to find the “WHY” reason to stay healthy against all odds

Take Action NOW!

  • STOP Your Suffering!
  • Do not procrastinate, waste time, money, and energy.
  • STOP your mental, physical, and financial health from deteriorating any further.

I would advise anyone to run – not walk – to you Dr. Carolle. Your dedication, expertise and compassionate guidance are phenomenal.”  Celeste

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