Stop Pre-Diabetes Consultation 

  • Have you been told that you are pre-diabetic?
  • Would you like a sure and easy way to help you control your blood sugar and Hb A1c levels and not progress to full-blown diabetes?

Being diagnosed with prediabetes is not the end of the world. For the past four decades, I have helped thousands of patients diagnosed with prediabetes from developing Type 2 diabetes diabetic using a simple approach that is easily maintained.

I can help you too!

During the consult, you will receive all of the information someone diagnosed with prediabetes needs for understanding sake to know how to stop the disease process. You will learn:

  • About the relationship between stress and the development of prediabetes
  • How to correlate the stress in your life and the development of prediabetes
  • How to find out the root cause of your stress and how to deal with it efficiently
  • About other conditions that can elevate blood sugar such as depression, over-the-counter and prescribed medications
  • How there is no “bad” or “junk” food, but how to eat according to your culture, personal taste, affordability, and availability, AND keep your blood sugar under control
  • How to discover which food is causing YOUR blood sugar and Hb A1c levels to be elevated
  • How to deal with food cravings that prevent you from keeping your blood sugar under control
  • How to implement a sensible exercise program without hurting yourself and be able to keep it up for years to come
  • How to find the “WHY” reason to stay healthy against all odds

Take Action NOW!

  • STOP Your Suffering!
  • Do not procrastinate, waste time, money, and energy.
  • STOP your mental, physical, and financial health from deteriorating any further.

I would advise anyone to run – not walk – to you Dr. Carolle. Your dedication, expertise and compassionate guidance are phenomenal.”  Celeste

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