Your Breasts and Breast Cancer Prevention

Dr Carolle and breast cancer

I welcome the month of November for the simple reason that October, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is finally gone. This year I noticed a disturbing trend – a crop of pink-ribbon campaigns have hit a new low sexualizing breast cancer. From a porn site offering one cent to a breast cancer foundation for every click, to using topless young women to illustrate the disease. Pink ribbons are indeed a well-oiled profit-making machine.

I am concerned that so many people are so worried about getting cancer that they go to many extremes that in the long run can be more harmful. So what are my recommendations about breast cancer and breast cancer prevention?

  • Living life is about simplicity, including what you eat, your exercise routine and alcohol consumption. Otherwise, you will be living the rest of your life feeling guilty and deprived, which will add more stress to your life.
  • You decide when and how often you should have a mammogram – it is your body and you have the right to do whatever you want with it.
  • Beware of new technology being touted as the answer to everything. The new 3D mammogram that is being touted as the best way to help discover more breast cancer – but at the expense of more radiation increasing the risk of having breast cancer because of it.
  • Those under constant stress are more likely to decrease their protective immune response increasing the likelihood of getting some forms of cancer. We cannot eliminate stress in our lives but we can learn how to deal with them – for me, it is to have healthy boundaries in all my relationships.
  • Have an exercise routine that suits you and you don’t have to overdo it. Contrary to regular beliefs, people in other countries – I have lived in five of them – do not go to the gym, do not walk everywhere either, many do not have what one would call a balanced diet. But even though they may lack in materials things, many hare highly spirited and the pace of their lives is slower than industrialized countries, and they do eat smaller portions, and yes they do live long and productive lives.
  • It is my belief that we have the power to heal as well as the capability to create our own toxins from an unhealthy spirit-mind-body connection. These toxins are the root cause of most disease.
  • Regardless of how healthy your lifestyle is, how many supplements you take, how much you exercise, or how frequently you do a detoxification program, I believe damage is being done on some level that could lead to cancer if you are not living the life you want, or if you constantly live in anxiety, resentment, rage, unforgiveness, or other stressful conditions.
  • So take stock of your life, make changes you know you should make, and be good to yourself. Your body is the only thing you really own on this planet.
  • Instead of seeing your breast as the possibility of cancer, see it as part of your femininity, a way to nourish your newborn and provide you with sexual pleasure. Don’t keep on pocking and probing to find tumors, why not holding them and telling them that you are grateful for them and accepting them – sagging and all!

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