My Three-Step-Process Approach

This process took me years to develop because I wanted those who work with me to have a truly life-altering experience. 

Step One 

You write down all the challenges you are having in every area of your life and what you have already done to deal with them. There is no limit on how long or how short it needs to be. The more detailed and specific you are, the better I am able to help you. Taking the time to do this opens that portal deep in your subconscious where, often for the first time, you “see” your true self. Those few hours of introspection reveal what I call your cake, slice by slice. 

I thoroughly review all that you have sent me and I may ask for more details. This will go on until I feel comfortable that you were able to pull out what is needed for us to see the whole picture.

Then it is time for you to write down what you are expecting from me. Only YOU KNOW what it is. I should receive this information from you at least 48 hours before our encounter.

By doing this beforehand, our time together can be focused on finding clarity and the solutions you are yearning for. This approach never fails since you get what YOU REALLY NEED!


Step Two

Our time together is extremely solution-focused and positive-outcome-directed. We painlessly work deeper together to discover the root cause of everything going on. You’ll finally understand yourself and why each slice of your cake doesn’t work together, as a whole. You will finally get the real recipe on how to make it all work. 

After this session you will have a complete understanding of who you are, what is really going on in every area of your life, and where you want to go.  You will have a specific plan to put into practice. 


Step Three

Your homework is to take the time to write down EVERYTHING you have learned during the session and send it to me in less than 48 hours after our encounter.  I will thoroughly review it, to make sure you are on the right path, and give you additional feedback whenever necessary. 

We will follow this Three-Step Process for any future sessions. This will give you the opportunity to work your plans, reshape your new self and fulfill whatever you need, to have the most wonderful, stress-free and productive life.