Offering Medical Care Relief to Those in Need

At the St. Joseph Hospital in La Vallée de JacmelThe medical program of the Health Through Communications Foundation in Haiti encompasses preventive programs, free outpatient medical care, and inpatient medical care.

We offer programs that promote health and family life education, and basic hygiene, how to prevent diarrheal disease – one of the main causes of infant mortality in impoverished communities – including cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever.

In Haiti there is a critical lack of medical supplies and facilities in the rural areas. Many villagers have to walk long hours to the nearest town in order to receive the most basic health care. Many succumb in transit. Our medical team led by Charles Rene, MD, an Haitian-born obstetrician and gynecologist residing in New Orleans, goes three times a year to La Vallee de Jacmel, Haiti. During each visit the team helps an average of 150 outpatients per day, putting in long days of 12 hours or more.

We also have a cervical dysplasia/cancer prevention program since 1992. We hope to open more clinics in the remote areas. These centers will provide primary health care services, community health workshops, medical referrals, and basic pharmaceutical services, helping to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases.

The Hospital St. Joseph of La Vallee de Jacmel, which serves a population of over 50,000 people. This 30-bed hospital, built by the people of La Vallee, is located in the southwestern part of Haiti, an arduous three-hour journey from Port-au-Prince.

The hospital is staffed throughout the year with one medical intern, two nurses, and a midwife. During the first years, we had only one operating room and could only offer minor surgery under local anesthesia.

Over the years, due to the efforts of Dr. Rene and many angels, we now have 3 operating rooms and are able to perform major surgery when the team is in La Vallee.

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