RELEASE: Heal The Body From Sexual Trauma

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RELEASE is the process to finally heal sexual trauma once and for all!

As a board certified OB-GYN, Medical Intuitive & Fertility Specialist, Dr. Carolle Jean Murat, MD will provide insights into the many emotional & physical issues associated with sexual trauma.

For 3 consecutive Mondays – November 26th, December 3rd & December 10th 

You’ll have access to Dr. Carolle’s Medical & Spiritual Guidance in a safe space.  

Here’s what You’ll Receive 

  • Specific instructions & tools based on your individual imbalances and health concerns. 
  • Medical & Intuitive Guidance
  • Customized assignments to support releasing trauma and toxic energy
  • Tools & rituals to neutralize negative energies that are causing dis-ease in the body 
  • Additional Support in my Private FB Group. 

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