Who Are You?

Many people have no clue why they behave a certain way. They may do things they know are not good for them but are unable to stop. Have you wondered why some people who have no cartilage left in their knees continue to jog, or a tennis elbow and continue to play tennis? Why people drink, smoke, or use drugs to excess? There are many underlying reasons for unreasonable or disastrous adult behavior. Who we are and what we do as an adult is the direct result of what happened to us during childhood, and the type of relationship with… [Read More]

Gardening for your Mind and Spirit


At a particularly stressful time in my life something compelled me to take up gardening to clear my head. I was deciding whether to quit private practice as a holistic gynecologist and be an intuitive consultant for midlife women. I started digging and planting and now, years later, I have a beautiful botanical garden. My garden has not only provided me with flowers, fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, it also offers me, and my midlife women clients, a place to replenish the soul. Whenever I take a stroll in my garden, I experience a sense of peace, and also excitement… [Read More]

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

finding inner peace through mind, body, spirit connection

  Are you pushing yourself mentally when your body needs to rest?  Have you been missing a message from your intuition about a personal decision? How can you rest your mind so that you can properly follow what your gut is telling you?  These are questions that can be answered by strengthening the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Seems easy enough, right? Your body is already in constant communication with your mind, telling you when something hurts, and when you’re hungry or tired. Knowing that our body has that ability, why not harbor the connection and create an… [Read More]

Homage to Dr. Maya Angelou


Wouldn’t it have been ideal to have a wise, inspiring role model when you were a child, and more role models while you were growing up? You may say that because you were raised in a dysfunctional family you had no role models – there was no one around or successful, etc… but that’s no excuse. No matter your age, it is never too late to find a role model or two. There have been many men and women who have inspired me. Many have made a profound impact on me, especially during those years during my search for myself…. [Read More]

13 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Prescription Medications


A medication is a substance taken to cure or reduce the symptoms of an illness or ongoing medical condition.   Certain prescribed medications have many side effects. These include anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, memory problems, weight problems, heart palpitations, etc. Some of their side effects have been linked to PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and hormone imbalance. Stopping some medications abruptly not only is dangerous but can also cause these same symptoms. Some medications are addictive, especially anti-anxiety medications after taking them for as little as two months.   Adverse reactions to medications even when used correctly account for more than 100,000 deaths… [Read More]

Do Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Even Work?


• Are you plagued with muscle pain and think that you may have fibromyalgia? • Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes when you have no family history of the disease and are not even overweight? • Do you have a recent bout with sleeping difficulties? • Are you having problems concentrating, staying focus, and being confused and forgetting things? • Are you experiencing muscle weakness and fatigue? If you said yes to any of these questions and you taking a statin – a cholesterol-lowering drug or have recently started taking one, it could just be that you are… [Read More]

The Most Important Exercise Of All – Forgiveness


Forgiving yourself may be even more difficult than forgiving others. Over the years, I have seen many patients who have a physical symptom where the cause could not be determined. After probing, it is not uncommon to discover that they were consumed with guilt about something they had done many years ago. It could be as simple as saying “no” to a friend, or more complicated as having an affair or an abortion or even worse, staying in an abusive, intimate relationship. With tears in their eyes, they would admit they have not been able to forgive themselves. They go… [Read More]

7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home A Sanctuary


Your Home Should Be Your Refuge A house in its most general sense is a human-built dwelling with enclosing walls, a floor, and a roof. It provides shelter against cold, heat, precipitation, wind, and intruding humans and animals. A house is called a home when it is occupied as a routine dwelling for humans, and also perhaps domestic animals. It does not matter whether the structure is large, small, elaborate, or is just a simple room with a packed dirt floor. To be a nurturing home, it needs to be a place where a man or woman feels peaceful, safe, comforted, loved, and accepted. “A house is… [Read More]

Could What You Eat Be Causing Your Spring Sniffles?


It seems lately that everyone I talk to – No I don’t usually text – including patients I see in person or doing telephone consults, are plagued by sniffles. “Yes this happens to me every spring,” they all said. I do suffer from allergies due to second hand smoke and exhaust – the worse places are at the mall trying to get my mail or see a movie, I have to hold my breath while running from the car to the entrance – a big dash trying to avoid these stubborn smokers who ignore the signs required by law –… [Read More]

Do You Have a Grateful List?


Being grateful exercises your soul. When I was dealing with anxiety at age 49, my therapist taught me how to create a “Grateful List.” You simply write down what you are grateful for.  When you find yourself in times of doubt or sadness, pick up and read your “Grateful List.” You are less prone to be unhappy when you focus on things you are grateful for. You are more likely to be optimistic and feel good about yourself, and share your blessings. So, please sit down and make a list of the things you are grateful for, and add to… [Read More]