On Being Nurtured by Nature


Since 1999, I have been making many trips to my native country of Haiti, along with a team of volunteers. We provide free medical care and coordinate projects for the children. La Vallee de Jacmel is a small town nestled in a chain of mountains, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, in the southeastern part of Haiti, about 3,000 feet above sea level. There is something magical about the sky, the clouds, the gentle winds, and the calm sea far away. During my visits, I spend long hours at the hospital, and with the children. In the evenings, I meet with village… [Read More]

De-stressing Mind, Body and Soul

A great place to find the root cause of your problems and heal you mind, body and soul.

A patient asked me, not too long ago, “Dr. Carolle, you always seem so happy, what do you do when you are under a lot of stress?” It is my goal to take the opportunity to give patients pearls of wisdom when they are seeking it from me. I am always careful to take into account the patient’s background, experiences, and symptoms.  This helps me to frame my response in a way that will provide the person maximum benefit and peace of mind. This particular question is one that has been posed to me by many patients over the course… [Read More]

My dearest friends, I’m back!

During the past years I took some time off to spend time in Haiti helping my people. The experience I had there was extremely rewarding for me, I even delivered a healthy baby boy the last time I was there. Once again, I am amazed on how people in Haiti is happy even though they’ve always struggled to live with very few resources. I believe this is because of their strong faith and ability to live in the moment. I have also been nurturing my artistic self, working with fine muralists and creating mixed media murals at my beautiful retreat… [Read More]

How I Can Help You

In 2005, after 23 years of a successful private practice in obstetrics and gynecology, tired of the one-size fits all, cookie cutter medicine, I opened the Dr. Carolle’s Wellness & Retreat Center to take care of women from anywhere in the world by giving them all the personal time they need – whether a day, or a weekend. I care for women diagnosed with a hormone imbalance who have tried conventional and alternative treatments, are still suffering, and cannot make sense out of their lives. Using my highly developed gift of intuition and over three decades of medical experience, I… [Read More]

5 Reasons to Forgive Yourself Today

Forgive yourself.

I have been thinking about forgiveness recently and how it relates to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Why is it that it can be so easy to forgive a friend or a colleague, but make one mistake of our own and we cannot move past it? Our thoughts our consumed by our guilt and our sleep disturbed. Forgiveness does not mean we forget to take accountability, it means that we allow ourselves to move forward in a healthy way. We are all, after all, only human. If you have been struggling with anger, anxiety, or unidentified stress – take a look at… [Read More]

Forgiving Oneself

Self-Love, forgiveness, love, inner peace.

  Forgiving oneself may be even more difficult than forgiving others. Over the years, I have seen many patients who have a physical symptom where the cause could not be elicited. After probing, it is not uncommon to find out that they were being consumed with guilt about something they had done many years ago. It could be as simple as saying no to a friend, or as more complicated as having an affair or an abortion. With tears in their eyes, they would admit that they have not been able to forgive themselves. They would go so far as… [Read More]

Forgiveness = Happiness

Forgiveness, self-love, inner peace.

  This interesting article by Dr. Hyder Zahed points out the impact forgiveness has on our own happiness. It is necessary, he suggests, to forgive others if we want the negative impact of anger and frustration removed from our own mental state. This negative energy can weigh heavy on our minds, causing unnecessary stress and physical reactions. It is vital to our wellbeing to clear this off our mental and spiritual plate. A challenge many of us face when forgiving is figuring out where to start. Sometimes we think we have forgiven others, but the pain still exists. In the article,… [Read More]

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Source: earthchildproject.org

Over the past few years, schools have begun to introduce yoga into the classroom. Many troubled youth and inner city school systems have found many benefits to encouraging yoga in the classroom, such as increased test scores, longer attention spans, and enhanced sense of calm .  Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is rooted in Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist religion practices as a way to align the mind, body, and spirit. As it is an opportunity to express one’s emotions and realign our breathing and mental focus, it is no wonder we are seeing such benefits from… [Read More]

Who Are You?

Many people have no clue why they behave a certain way. They may do things they know are not good for them but are unable to stop. Have you wondered why some people who have no cartilage left in their knees continue to jog, or a tennis elbow and continue to play tennis? Why people drink, smoke, or use drugs to excess? There are many underlying reasons for unreasonable or disastrous adult behavior. Who we are and what we do as an adult is the direct result of what happened to us during childhood, and the type of relationship with… [Read More]

Gardening for your Mind and Spirit

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At a particularly stressful time in my life something compelled me to take up gardening to clear my head. I was deciding whether to quit private practice as a holistic gynecologist and be an intuitive consultant for midlife women. I started digging and planting and now, years later, I have a beautiful botanical garden. My garden has not only provided me with flowers, fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, it also offers me, and my midlife women clients, a place to replenish the soul. Whenever I take a stroll in my garden, I experience a sense of peace, and also excitement… [Read More]