Easter: Time for Forgiving and a New Beginning

“Forgiveness is freeing – for yourself as well as for others. It frees you from carrying the burden of past resentments. It allows you to release the past so that all your energy can be fully available for the present. Forgiveness is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.” Read More

Cultivating Friendship for Better Health

Friendships, especially between women, can be our mirror and help us shape who we are and who we will become. Friendship can be the balm in our lives when the going gets tough, a shoulder to cry on when our intimate relationships go sour, and someone to share our joy when things go right. Read More

Mr. James Olmos and I

Edward James Olmos & Latino Literacy Now are proudly presenting the 2018 North San Diego County Latino Book & Family Festival on Saturday, September 15 Read More

Listen to Your Body

Have you ever experienced anxiety, insomnia, irregular bleeding, fatigue, a panic attack, depression, bowel problems, hot flashes, problems concentrating, mood swings? What was your reaction Read More