Meet Dr Carolle Jean-Murat, MD


Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD

Dr. Carolle is an intuitive healer with years of training and experience as a board-certified gynecologist who has helped thousands of women for over three decades.

In her work as a traditional OBGYN Dr. Carolle became increasingly aware of the importance of helping women heal at all levels, and to not limit her focus simply on their physical complaints. As she grew to increasingly trust her growing intuition, including embracing a family history of intuitive, non-traditional healing – she continually developed her skills and ability to help others heal at a deep level that brings about profound changes that last.

During a session by phone or in person she SEES the root cause of the energy drains interfering with your health, personal relationships, career or business. In the end you get a written plan to follow so you can live your life powerfully – mind, body, and soul.

When you are ready, I will provide the tools you need to go within and unleash the power that resides within all of us to understand what’s going on, and bring out the healthiest, happiest and best you can be.

                                                               — Dr. Carolle


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