Dr. Carolle’s Services

Intuitive Services

We are all yearning to find inner peace and live our lives in perfect balance Mind, Body & Soul! It does not have to be difficult! If you need a second opinion or feel stuck and need directions in any area of your life.

Over the past four decades, thousands have trusted me as a physician, counselor, healer, confidante, sister/friend, and surgeon with excellent results. I will take the time to evaluate the whole YOU and help you understand your choices so you can live your life powerfully – mind, body & soul. All services will be customized to suit your individual needs.

Cancer Support Services

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating and life-altering event, not only to the person but also to all who are close to them.”

I know what you are going through. At this time of your life, you need all your energy to be focused on healing. I have helped many patients like you over the years, and I know what it takes so I can guide you in this trying time and getting good results.

You need to have a consultation with me if you need clarity for a medical condition, how to deal with perimenopause, menopause, low libido or any other sexual problems, a cancer diagnosis, or whether or not to have surgery.

It's considered wise to ask someone - with relevant expertise - for a second opinion, especially when you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is going to stay with you for years to come. In doing so, it will assure you that you are more confident that you'll achieve the best possible outcome, and/or avoid costly mistakes that are not easily reversed.


Claim Your Fertility

Are you ready to claim your fertility, get pregnant naturally and have a healthy baby? I can help you!

Going through infertility treatments and procedures can cause tremendous stress as well as being financially draining and can very sadly tear a marriage apart. Sometimes these treatments may not even be necessary. Regardless of your situation, you will greatly benefit having a consultation with me.

I combine a comprehensive evaluation and assessment as well as using my intuitive skills, allowing me to determine the exact root cause of your fertility problem. Together we design an integrated, customized treatment program to achieve the desired results.

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Am I Ready To See Dr. Carolle?

Before the consultation please note the following (Unless you want to contact me for a second opinion):

I work with those who are ready to heal and want a healthy path to a quality life. My dear father, before his death in his 80’s, put it very clearly: “You are the intuitive medium, the powerful  mirror to those who come to you. The healing comes because they trust that you are going to show them the way. When they follow it, they heal themselves.”