Claim Your Fertility Retreat

Leave this retreat with new and proven methods to get pregnant

  • Discover “WHY” you are not getting pregnant.
  • Have you tried to get pregnant for many months or years without success?
  • There are reasons you are not getting pregnant that you are not even aware of.
  • There are solutions to most of the problems women have getting pregnant. 

Dr. Carolle and her team are going to share with you in this intensive 3 hour seminar what you need to do to get pregnant.

Dr. Carolle is an MD and Ob/Gyn who has spent over 40 years working with women and delivering thousands of beautiful babies, in various countries throughout the world. She has also been invited by dignitaries of other countries to come and speak to large crowds.

Infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after a year of regular, unprotected intercourse for women under the age of 35. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a woman should consider seeing a specialist within SIX MONTHS of age 35 or older!

Going through infertility treatments and procedures can cause tremendous stress, as well as being financially draining, and can tear a marriage apart. Sometimes infertility treatments may not even be necessary.

If you have fertility issues and are looking for a natural approach to enhance your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term, this retreat is for you!


Are you dealing with any of the following?

Have you been having regular unprotected sexual intercourse for more than one year and are worried that you may be infertile?
Have you been told that you are over 35 and should seek professional counsel even before a full year of unsuccessful unprotected sexual intercourse?
Are you considering seeing an infertility specialist?
Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility?
Is ovulation induction – OI, intrauterine insemination – IUI or assisted reproductive technologies – ART such as in vitro fertilization – IVF, IVF using a donor egg or other extensive ART, the right choice for you?
Have you had any of the above and failed?
Are you tired and have decided to take a break from assisted reproduction and wondering what to do next?
Are you considering surrogacy or adoption?



Today's fast-paced lifestyles, both for men and women, interfere with conception. Going through infertility treatments is associated with a high amount of stress and, in turn, leads to infertility. The mental, physical and spiritual health before conception is important not only for pregnancy outcomes, but also for the lifelong health of offspring and for generations to come, as well.

Join my team and I in my sanctuary garden on Mount Helix in La Mesa, California. Experience a blend of lectures and healing technologies that guide you toward self-discovery to claim your fertility and embrace motherhood.

When you sign up for the retreat you will be able to send us two of your most pressing questions you are seeking answers to. I personally review each question and use my extensive medical, spiritual and intuitive skills to tailor the content of the retreat to include answers to each question so each attendee gets the most out of the time spent with us.

From the moment you arrive you are immersed in an enchanted space!  Buy your ticket today! Space is limited!

The retreats happen in the Casa de Mirabeau Healing Sanctuary:

Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego
Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego2 Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego2

Meet The Team:

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG 

Dr. Karen Gless. PhD, LMFT, RN

License #21423

Laurie Gill

 Laurie Gill

Benefits you can expect:

  • Increase your chances of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term naturally and effortlessly.
  • Learn about the female and male reproductive systems, the causes and unsuspected cause of infertility
  • Learn about the mind-body-spirit connection and how stress is often the root cause of infertility
  • Learn how to let go of control 
  • When to choose ART, unless all the conditions of conceiving through natural measures have been exhausted
  • Becoming the healthiest and the most fertile in every area of your life
  • Increase your chance of conception before going through assisted reproductive technologies
  • Have the clarity you need whether to birth a family through adoption, foster parenting or surrogacy
  • Minimize passing your own unfinished business on to a child
  • Find out if there are deeply buried issues of past trauma or unsuspected stress are the root cause of your inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term
  • Learn how to become your healthiest and most fertile self if every area of your life
  • Remove all the clutter so you can be fully engaged in your own healing
  • Learn stress-releasing techniques such as tapping, meditation, breathing techniques, sacred baths and reclaiming your body and fertility rituals
  • Learn how to use healing stones, crystals, baths, etc.
  • Learn how to keep intimacy alive while going through infertility treatments
  • Strengthen already present coping skills and develop new ones
  • Realize that going through the infertility process is truly an opportunity for life-enhancing personal growth


Receive the Following Four Bonuses

BONUS #1: Copy of Dr. Carolle’s best-selling book Heal Your Life: 25 Ways to Harness Your Innate Healing Power by Finding Your Life Purpose and Connecting to a Higher Power
BONUS #2: Rose quartz fertility healing stone with rituals to take home
BONUS #3: Your ticket entitles you to a drawing for a FREE consultation with Dr, Carolle valued at $947.
BONUS #4: Become a member of the private Claim Your Fertility Facebook Community where you will get the support of Dr. Carolle and her team as well as other women in the community who have found success.

Buy your ticket today! Space is limited!

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