Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Consultations

Say Farewell to Type 2 Diabetes in less than THIRTY DAYS!

 I will help you find and give you simple, sustainable, and personalized tools to deal with the root cause of your elevated blood glucose and A1c and keep Type 2 Diabetes in remission.    

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming. You go from feeling in control of your destiny to feeling like you have no power. For most people, diabetes is a debilitating disease that causes blindness, amputations, strokes, and premature death resulting in more fear, depression, and anxiety. It creates a vicious cycle of added stress, keeping blood glucose elevated and eventually leading to poor quality of life, diabetes burnout, diabetes complications, and premature death.

I have helped thousands of patients with Type 2 diabetes reverse and keep their diabetes in remission. It consists of finding the root cause of elevated blood glucose and A1c and giving them personalized and culturally responsive tools to deal with it.

This consult is for YOU if:

  • You have been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or
  • You have been dealing with diabetes for many years, suffer from diabetes burnout, and feel that there is no hope that you could ever control your blood glucose and A1c levels
  • You are having difficulty controlling your blood glucose while taking oral medications or insulin, despite doing everything as told
  • You are tired of constantly sticking yourself with needles or being attached to a glucose monitor
  • You feel like a hamster on a wheel
  • You are looking for a way to continue eating the food you like while keeping your blood glucose and A1c levels down
  • You are experiencing diabetes complications or
  • You would like to avoid diabetic complications such as strokes, numbing or burning of the feet, heart disease, eye problems, kidney problems, amputations, etc.
  • You want to benefit from secondary gains such as:
    • Spontaneous weight loss
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Normal cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Feeling in control of your life
  • You are yearning to live a powerful life doing what you want to do without worrying

Many don’t realize that adverse life events and chronic stress are the root cause of elevated blood glucose and A1c levels. When you agree to work with me, you will fill out the Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Questionnaire so I can clearly understand what is going on in your life.

Working with me, you will:

  • Understand YOU and find the root cause of why your blood glucose and A1c are elevated
  • Correlate what is happening in your life and the development of Type 2 diabetes and their complications
  • Receive personalized and specific information that is easy, sustainable, and effortless to implement while you enjoy your life.
  • Know that there is no “bad” or “junk” food – learn how to eat according to your culture, personal taste, affordability, and availability while keeping your blood glucose under control
  • Discover which food raises your blood glucose levels without having to use a machine
  • Deal with food cravings that prevent you from keeping your blood glucose under control
  • Implement a sensible exercise program without hurting yourself and be able to keep it up for years to come
  • Stabilize and lower your blood glucose without the side effects of drugs
  • Prevent hypoglycemia since your blood glucose will start to plummet rapidly using the tools you receive
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate the need to take medications to control your blood glucose
  • Reduce and eliminate the health risks of diabetes
  • Reverse the disease altogether and keep it in remission
  • Watch how your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure return to normal
  • Lose weight spontaneously

Those who follow the personalized steps normalize their blood glucose levels in less than THIRTY DAYS.

If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, I can help you!

I work with those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes who want to put it in remission and avoid diabetes burnout and diabetes complications!                                                                                                                                                                                

I promise you that you will get personalized and sustainable tools to stop this deadly process, take control of your life once again, avoid diabetic complications and enjoy peace of mind, happiness, and optimum health.

Dr. Carolle



“I am an intelligent man dealing with Type 2 diabetes for five years. I suffered from diabetes burnout within a year of being diagnosed. Working with Dr. Carolle empowered me by educating me and giving me the needed tools. Within a month, my fasting blood glucose, which ran from 300 to 350 despite taking three diabetic medications, was within normal range. I had to start tapering them off within a week because my blood glucose levels went down quickly. I no longer feel like a hamster on a wheel and I am finally in control of my life.”

John M.


1. Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Three-Step Telephone Consultation

2. Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Three-Step Telephone Consultation + Coaching

3. Two-Days/One Night Retreat + Coaching