Cultivating Friendship for Better Health

Friendships, especially between women, can be our mirror and help us shape who we are and who we will become.

Master Queso, Kelco Historical Mural and I

My sanctuary garden has been a labor of love that started in 2000.

On Being Nurtured by Nature

Since 1999, I have been making many trips to my native country of Haiti, along with a team of volunteers.

How to Deal with Disappointments

There’s no way to avoid disappointments in life, but there are good ways to cope with them.

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Job and Avoid Burnout

The relationship we have with your job or career can greatly affect our overall health, and especially your fertility.

3 Powerful Ways to Make the Right Personal Decisions

Over the years I have seen many patients, and most recently the physicians and executives I coach, who are plagued with emotional and physical symptoms.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection and Avoid Burnout

Your body is already in constant communication with your mind, telling you when something hurts, and when you’re hungry or tired.