Holistic to Healthcare Executives

I help healthcare executives who want to promote the delivery of integrative, compassionate, personalized and culturally-sensitive healthcare and prevent burnout.


Fast Facts

  • Integrative, compassionate and personalized healthcare expert
  • Physician Burnout Prevention Coach
  • Advisor to healthcare executives who want to promote quality, compassionate and personalized healthcare
  • Intuitive Healing Mentor to residents at the University of California San Diego School Of Medicine
  • Graduate of Landmark Forum and Leadership & Management Training
  • CME and Workshop Presenter
  • Advisory board member Hôpital de St. Joseph, La Vallée de Jacmel, Haiti
Advisor to Healthcare Executives

Are you the leader of a healthcare organization?

One of the challenges of being a successful leader is having access to advising and coaching from someone who can intuitively KNOW what they need and show them with a proven and tested formula on how to get it. 

Do you wish that you could have someone you could trust to guide and help you make the decisions that would be a win-win situation for all involved? 

If this is what you are looking for, I can help you! 

Key Competencies

  • How to choose an efficient HER – Electronic Health Record that is end-user friendly 
  • Working as a health consultant, coach, advisor, teacher, and mentor in a wide variety of medical settings in the USA, Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico 
  • The capacity to offer clinical training for physicians, nurses and health agents on how to deliver quality care that is intuitive, culturally sensitive with a limited or almost no budget
  • The capacity to advise executives of small and large healthcare systems for developing programs that benefit everyone 
  • Program design and evaluation of existing programs that are not working out, removing or improving those that are too costly
  • Having the capacity to work with healthcare providers and staff and making them feel understood and their voices are being heard consequently preventing burnout
  • Guidance on how to align people around a service of culture
  • The ability to develop an instant connection and trust.
  • Having game-changing insights helping organizations better understand their healthcare providers, staff, and patients
  • Helping organizations reinvent business models and reach new and more diverse audiences with tangible results.
  • A passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity,
  • A visionary and futurist who has guided many community projects navigate the sea of change and are run to ensure success 
  • Reviewing and advising on many types of health grants including decreasing maternal and newborn mortality
  • The ability to involve politicians, and community leaders and people at large
  • Implementing community programs in Haiti, Mexico, and the US emphasizing preventive care and how to reverse chronic diseases such as chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, kidney failure, etc. with a limited or almost no budget
  • Involving community volunteers and health agents that we trained. These programs continue today and have served as pilot programs that are also replicated in many other parts of the country.
  • Creating and teaching curricula that offer personalized, compassionate and culturally-sensitive care in all kind of settings
  • Experience in consultation for rural hospitals and communities: evaluating, developing, coordinating, and outreach goals. 

BE my next success story!

Are you ready to become inspired, regain your purpose, your reason for practicing medicine and commitment to yourself and your work?


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  2. During our FREE 30 minute conversation, we will see if we are a good fit for each other.
Advisor to Healthcare Executives - Dr. Carolle

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