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Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG

I think that this video where I was asked to speak at a Women's Conference gives you an introduction to my philosophy and mission.

Dr Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG

  • Board-certified physician
  • Spiritual healer
  • Type 2 diabetes remission consultant
  • Gifted medical intuitive
  • Integrative, compassionate, and personalized healthcare expert
  • Department Head of Innovative Holistic Medicine, Université de Fondwa, Haiti
  • Intuitive healing mentor to medical students, residents physicians, including residents at the University of California School of Medicine
  • Keynote and workshops presenter


Thank you so much for the enlightening consultation.

Your frank and honest opinions and insights are refreshing and comforting. I feel empowered and relieved. You gave me the tools (information & insight) to speak to my doctor and hopefully agreed to my medical care. If I disagree, I will go to someone else who will consider my opinions, fears, and feelings regarding my treatment. 


After I consulted with Dr. Carolle, I felt breathless, weightless, bright, and hopeful about myself for the first time in a long time.


I was awed by her ability to see inside me to reveal my emotional blocks and their source of them so accurately. She is the one perfect partner for support on the journey to perfect health by making it clear that we have control and choice.  She gave me a simple plan of action to release my energy blocks that she guarantees.


I am a 41 year old woman, daughter, sister, wife, and mother of 3 boys. I thought I was going crazy because of perimenopause and you have taught me differently. I was going crazy because of what life has thrown my way and now I can dive into my emotions and heal. You have changed my life. I thank you for trusting yourself and educating us.


Atlanta, GA

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Stress is inevitable and responsible for over eighty percent of abnormal lab results and chronic diseases.

In this book, using the BMAT Method, you will learn how to quickly stop the stress response by activating the relaxation response at will and enjoy optimum health.

Books by Dr. Carolle, Forgiving Yourself and others: How to Unleash Your Future by Freeing Yourself from Past Traumas

How to Unleash Your Future by Freeing Yourself from Past Traumas