One-on-One Exclusive Retreat with Dr. Carolle

There are times in our lives when we need to retreat, to find that safe and supportive space to completely relax and heal ourselves. I offer exclusive one-on-one retreats in my beautiful healing sanctuary on Mt. Helix in San Diego. 

  • Do you feel STUCK and need directions in any area of your life?


  • You are not enjoying optimum health
  • You are feeling sick and have not been able to find answers from your healthcare providers
  • You are feeling scared, alone, helpless and unsure of what to do next


You will benefit from spending time with me if you are looking for a place where you can:

Make the right decisions for your present situation
Get proper guidance
Harness your healing power
Find your true self
Leave your worries behind
Cleanse your body, mind and soul
Learn stress-release tools
Release negative energies and toxic emotions
Experience inner peace
Relax in a safe place



By taking time to be away from it all you will:

Have the opportunity to just BE
Feel safe, nurtured and accepted for who you are—as is—like you have never experienced before
Understand exactly where you are and what you need to do to thrive and survive
Learn how to reprioritize your life and reconnect with the parts of you that have been put on the back burner
Release any toxic emotions that you may be experiencing
Learn tools to help you relax and quickly diffuse negative
Receive all the healing touch therapy you need
Get the clarity you need in all areas of your life
Know exactly what is happening in your life and what you need to keep and let go
Leave feeling hopeful, rejuvenated, renewed, inspired and with the tools you need to be in charge of your life from now on—in spite of the challenges life may bring you



The retreats happen in Dr. Carolle’s Wellness Center:

Dr. Carolle’s Wellness & Retreat Center of San Diego is the place to heal mind, body and soul. In beautiful San Diego is the place, a safe-haven that I personally designed. With care and love I planted the cacti, succulents, rose bushes, beautiful fruit trees, flowers, and Southern California vegetation. Many famous artists have put their footprints in the décor. 

Here I could be safe. Here I could unwind. Here I could just BE.” – Barbra

Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego
Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego2 Dr. Carolle's Garden Sanctuary San Diego2

When you come, I will be there to greet you; I will open my arms, give you a big hug and let you know that you are going to be OK. While I am hugging you, I am praying to the Holy Spirit to allow all the healing of the Universe to come through to help you heal whatever you are going through. You will know you are safe. And you can release your worries and feel comfort in knowing your life will never be the same after our time together; you will change, for the better.

You will stay in a beautiful cottage surrounded by the most exquisite botanical garden. Take a stroll any time you want. Sit under a palapa, under a tree, or the pond—whenever you feel like it! 

Spend this time with me one-on-one and I’ll show you how to create the Life You’ve Always Wanted, Optimum Health, and Inner Peace! 

I will teach you the tools that you need in order to see who you really are, how powerful you can be, and how to unleash the power that resides within all of us.

From then on, you will have access to your power at any time so you can create miracles in your life. Guaranteed.

In a nurturing environment, using all the time you need, I will take into consideration who you REALLY are, the issues you are dealing with, your symptoms, worries and goals, your personal needs, and what suits you best.

For the first time in your life you will spend the time with someone who is totally dedicated to your empowerment, is non-judgmental, and whose goal it is to really listen to and empower YOU!

When you leave, you will have in hand an ARCHITECTURAL PLAN FOR YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH AND DREAM LIFE AS PERSONAL AS YOUR OWN DNA! This plan will include realistic steps for lifestyle adjustments, nutrition, exercise, emotional, and spiritual guidance.

We will create it based on your personal needs and what suits you best.

After helping hundreds of women around the world, I WANT YOU to be the next!

When you make the first inquiry about spending time with me, I will personally call you to make sure that you and I are suitable for this extraordinary and life-changing adventure together. 

As soon as the appointment is made, the healing begins. You will start to feel better just by knowing that you now have someone you can trust and is THERE FOR YOU!


Only a chosen few will have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with me.

Choose whatever suits you best:

Two-Day/One-Night Retreat
Three-Day/Two-Night Retreat
Four-Day/Three-Night Retreat

For more detail, please call 619-741-7261 or you can send an email to Please include your time zone and the best time to call.