Presentations & Workshops

All presentations and workshops are delivered as a 1-hour CME conference or from a ½ Day to a 1 Day Workshop – all tailored for your specific need.


Making the Best Out of Each Patient Encounter and Prevent Physician Burnout

1-hour CME conference or a ½ Day Workshop

On a recent survey, 7 out of 11 causes of physicians' burnout are closely related to their interaction or lack of with patients. In this presentation, attendees will learn strategies they can implement with each patient’s encounter, whether at the office, in the hospital, in the ER or Urgent Care clinic.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide attendees with the information necessary to maximize the time spent with patients, improve their relationships with them, create instant trust, feel satisfied after each encounter, and reduce the likelihood of burnout. 

Physicians Heal Thyself – How to Live Your Life in Balance, Mind, Body & Spirit and Prevent Burnout

1-hour CME conference or ½ Day to 1 Day Workshop

About 2 out of 3 physicians practicing medicine and 3 out of 4 medical students and residents in training are burnout. Physicians have the highest rate of suicide than the general population. 

In order to be a better healer and avoid burnout, there has to be a perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit. The ultimate success of any given treatment will depend on the effectiveness of the joint effort between the healer and the patient. This includes the healer’s personal health and the patient’s receptivity. Otherwise, it will be detrimental for both. 

The objective of this presentation is to show clinicians how to heal themselves and beat burnout before it beats them. This will occur when they understand who they are mind, body, and spirit and how the disease process occurs. By getting the necessary knowledge and tools, there will be a paradigm shift that will allow better healthcare delivery for true healing.

Developing and Trusting Your Intuition for Integrative, Compassionate & Personalized Care Delivery

½ Day to 1 Day Workshop

We all have an innate intuitive ability that can flourish if we let it be. Providing quality compassionate patient care in the constraints of Western evidence-based medicine does not allow that. 

The purpose of this presentation is to provide clinicians with the information necessary to maximize the time spent with patients, improve their relationships with patients, create instant trust, feel satisfied after each encounter, and reducing the likelihood of burnout. 

Learning Objectives:

  • How the imbalance between the mind, body and spirit is the root cause for most disease
  • About the fight or flight response and how it affects that balance
  • The natural history of disease progression
  • Specific disease and case presentations
  • Tools to uncover quickly the root cause of specific disease and how to deal with them
  • How to enhance one’s intuitive abilities for better diagnosis
  • How to develop a culturally-sensitive approach to health care delivery
  • How to use the healing energy that is innate in everyone with each patient/client encounter
  • How to deliver the best care under time constraint

Integrative Healing Techniques for the Busy Practitioner: How to Prevent Burnout and Increase Patients’ Satisfaction

½ Day to 1 Day Workshop

Physicians are burning out because they can’t provide the quality of care they want to. Patients also are fed up and demanding better care and personal attention. They are tired of dealing with a healthcare provider who is too busy staring at the computer and writing, while barely acknowledging their suffering and need for human connection. 

Studies have found it is not the amount of time spent with patients but the quality of that time which leads to their feeling validated and understood– many people are sick because they are longing for human touch.

Many conditions also require testing such as blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI or other modalities. Taking the time to schedule these appointments can be time-consuming while the patient continues to suffer. 

In this workshop, providers will learn 

  • How to use healing touch, guided imagery, visualization, tapping, affirmations, and mindful breathing exercises
  • Specific techniques to alleviate patients suffering from specific conditions such as stress, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, irregular heartbeat, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, etc.  

In the end, practitioners will know how to deliver compassionate, quality and personalized care that is rewarding for themselves and their patients