Three-Step Telephone Expert Intuitive Second Opinion

$ 500.00

Step One:

As soon as your payment is confirmed, please write down the following:

  1. What are you are seeking a solution for
  2. What have you done so far to resolve it
  3. What do you expect to accomplish during our telephone session

Please send the document to drcarolle@cox.neet at least 24 hours before the session. Include the date and time of the session in the subject line.

I will take the time to read your information beforehand so I will already know what is going on with you and our time together can be the focus on finding the clarity and solutions you are yearning for.

Step Two:

A 50-minute telephone consultation where I will review with you the information you sent me.

After the session, your homework will consist of writing down everything that has transpired and the lessons you have learned and send it to me 48 hours at the latest for me to review. In doing so by recollecting our session, it will assure that these tools are now part of you and from now on be the best that you always wanted to be.

Step Three:

Reviewing your homework sent at the most 48 hours after the session and give you the necessary feedback.


This life change package for only $ 500.00


“I would advise anyone to run – not walk – to you Dr. Carolle. Her dedication, expertise and compassionate guidance are phenomenal.”

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