What is Claim Your Fertility all about?

Claim Your Fertility is a three-step process in which Dr. Carolle works with you to determine what is going on, you choose a plan of action and then you claim your process.

Being diagnosed with infertility can be overwhelming and seem to be the ultimate loss of control, but it does not have to be. It is not uncommon to self-diagnose via reading a wide range of reliable – and, especially, not-so-reliable – information on the internet.

Going through infertility treatments and procedures can cause tremendous stress as well as being financially draining. It can tear a marriage to shreds. Sometimes, these things may not even be necessary. Research shows that those dealing with infertility after two years have a similar intensity of depression as those diagnosed with cancer, or heart disease. Every fertility journey is unique, take action now and rid away the guessing game.

What is Claim Your Fertility all about? "Claim Your Fertility" is a three-step process in which Dr. Carolle works with you to determine what is going on, you choose a plan of action and then you claim your process.You don’t have to do it alone. Decrease your chance of having to deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, being out of control, or isolated. Regardless of your situation, you will greatly benefit having a consultation with Dr. Carolle. The benefits include:

  • When you sign up for a one-on-one service with Dr. Carolle, prior to seeing her you will fill out a comprehensive health and fertility questionnaire, specifically developed by her, to figure out what the root cause is.
  • Dr. Carolle serves as your mirror and her gift is being able to reach into your consensus subconscious - an area where we as human beings know the absolute truth. She helps you find the tools to open it up and reveal your own unique individual truths.
  • Using your personal information you provide and then her own intuitive skills, extensive medical knowledge and her over four decades of experience dealing with such issues, it all allows her to determine the exact root cause of your fertility problem in a short amount of time together. She will design for you an integrated, laser-focused and personalized answers to achieve your desired results.
  • Do not waste money on putting down a deposit of ten or fifteen thousand dollars for infertility procedures. Find a natural way to get pregnant by figuring out what is causing you not to get pregnant in the first place. Dr. Carolle's guidance helps you stop taking detours and, instead, find a straight path to your desired destination. There is no need to stress about having to make a multitude of medical decisions
  • Dr. Carolle is dedicated towards her work after helping thousands of women cope with the stress in their lives causing them to be sick or infertile. It is important to uncover the stressors, learn how to deal with them straight on and utilize specific stress-management strategies and mind/body skills in order to boost your pregnancy rate.

If you’ve been seeking an answer to your fertility prayers, look no more. As a board-certified Ob-Gyn and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer, Dr. Carolle has delivered thousands of healthy babies and has helped many dealing with fertility issues get pregnant naturally.This is the perfect place to begin your fulfilling journey towards fertility. Save time, money and frustration. Have all your questions answered so you will be able to make the correct and most informed decisions. Learn to go through fertility treatments without feeling as if your life and body have been taken over by foreign substances. Help yourself figure out how to decrease stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, worry, etc. Help rebuild the quality of your life and your capability to conceive, fully knowing you are going to be okay now and when your baby arrives!

Help yourself by transitioning into a new paradigm of assessing and uncovering root causes of various symptoms. Learn how to recognize spiritual, social and environmental factors affecting mental well-being and the direct impact on one’s physical and overall health.

Take Action now!

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Yvonne, San Diego, CA

Before I saw Dr. Carolle, I’d been trying to get pregnant for two year.

I come from a culture where it is expected you get pregnant as soon as you are married. As time went by, everyone kept asking where is the baby? I became more afraid of not conceiving and eventually my period started getting irregular, then I wasn't ovulating. Dr. Carolle explained to me that I was caught in a vicious circle of wanting to get pregnant and stressing about it all was causing me not to get pregnant. Working with her gave me the tools to stop being in that fight or flight mode and I learned how to better deal with my family. I had a good conversation with my husband and family and explained I went to a doctor whom explained to me the more you keep asking and pressuring me, the more I become stressed out. I know you are all well intentioned but you are stressing me out, too much. Using all the tools she gave me, my periods became regular again, and within three months I got pregnant and had a healthy baby.

Jody, La Jolla, CA

At age 36 I had been trying to get pregnant for a year-and-a-half; I previously had a miscarriage in the first trimester. A friend suggested that I have a consult with Dr. Carolle before going through IVF.

She quickly discovered that my unexplained infertility was due to my fear of getting pregnant and having another miscarriage. I realized that, indeed, not only had I not fully mourned that loss, deep inside I was also feeling guilty that I may have caused the miscarriage. I was afraid my body was going to fail me again and I was afraid to go through another painful loss. After taking time to grieve, not long afterwards, I conceived on my own and had a healthy pregnancy and baby.

John, Boston, MA

I did not realize I was still mourning the loss of my twins that were born prematurely and stillborn, and the pain was so horrendous that unconsciously I didn’t want to go through that again.

The marriage dissolved because my ex-wife could also not get over it. After ten years I found love again and realized she wanted to have a baby. After trying for one year, I had abnormal sperm count even though I was very healthy. Before we spent thousands of dollars on infertility drugs and such, I found out in a consult with Dr. Carolle that the rootcause of all this was fear of getting pregnant again and losing the baby. I was afraid it would result in another divorce and this was the real cause of my sperm issues. Using the tools she gave me, within six months my sperm count became normal again and I am looking forward to my wife getting pregnant.

Michelle, Atlanta

I am a 41 year old woman, daughter, sister, wife, and mother of 3 boys.

I thought I was going crazy because of perimenopause and you have taught me differently. I was going crazy because of what life has thrown my way and now I can dive into my emotions and heal. You have changed my life. I thank you for trusting yourself and educating us.

Elizabeth, San Diego

You are such an inspiration to women and people everywhere!

I have been suffering for many years; you just took ONE look at me and KNEW what was wrong with me and gave me the tools that I needed. You helped give me my life back and I'm eternally grateful to you for that and will be forever.

Dr. Maria

Thank you again for the guidance and support that you gave to me when I was stuck and confused about the direction that I wanted to take in my career. 

You are gifted, brilliant, and an expert in what you do. You have certainly been a Godsend in my life, and I wish you much success. Blessings to you and yours always.