What is True Healing All About?

Emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms are related to stress levels and unresolved issues – Women need personal answers about the real cause of symptoms that impact their quality of life. Symptoms are usually the tip of the iceberg pointing to something much deeper. True Healing demands that the root cause be found and dealt with.

The Basics

The purpose of this website is to help you see how your symptoms are clearly related to what is happening in your life and with your body. The information included herein will help you find out how to:

  • Recognize how your lifestyle may be causing you undue stress.
  • Stop ignoring or denying intuitive messages from your body.
  • Determine your stress triggers.
  • Quickly discover the root causes of your symptoms, how to deal with them healthfully, and live your life powerfully.
  • Make the best decisions for yourself and live your life in balance.

Heal Yourself

We are all yearning to find inner peace and live our lives in perfect balance – mind, body and soul. It does not have to be difficult!

Over the past four decades, thousands have trusted me as a physician, counselor, healer, confidante, sister/friend, and surgeon with excellent results. If you need a second opinion or feel stuck and need directions in any area of your life, I can help you.