Thrive and Survive through a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Thank you Dr. Carolle for helping me beat cancer. Five years later I am alive, well and vibrant." Elsie, Florida


Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating event, not only to the person, but also to all who are close to them. 

When confronted with a cancer diagnosis, how can you make the right choices for yourself?

I am a physician, medical intuitive, energy and spiritual healer with over four decades of experience. I have counseled hundreds of men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer at any stage, helping them thrive through the diagnosis and treatment. Having the right guidance from the beginning is a must.

We are unique individuals, and cancer or any disease is the disruption of the balance that exists between the mind, body and soul. Our body is a perfect machine with the extensive capacity to heal itself and regenerate. But in many instances, we are plagued with stressors that can lay dormant at the subconscious level. They may be in our interpersonal relationships, work or career, lifestyles and behaviors resulting in emotional issues to chronic diseases and cancer. 

I use a special three-step process for people newly diagnosed with cancer or whose cancer has returned and is now metastasized to other parts of the body. I want those who agree to work with me to have a true life-altering experience. This personalized approach has been very successful and many of the patients who were given a few months to live are now healthy and thriving, years later.

Personalized, supporting tools include strengthening the spirit, finding a reason to live, creating healthy boundaries, managing stress, releasing toxic emotions, healing the past, and incorporating cannabis, a nutritional and exercise plan, and positive affirmations, to name a few. All this gives the mind, body and soul a chance to rest, get stronger, and therefore heal on all levels.


BE my next success story!

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Three-Step Telephone Thrive & Survive Cancer Package – Learn more
Three-Step In-Person Thrive & Survive Cancer Package – Learn more
One-On-One Exclusive Thrive & Survive Cancer Retreat – Learn more




My story is one of an incredible medical doctor and medical intuitive who saved my life and that of many others suffering from cancer.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer to my lungs and surrounding areas around my heart. A friend referred me to Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat and said if anyone could help me she could. I contacted Dr. Carolle and after speaking with her I knew I had to meet her.  I immediately made an appointment to stay at Dr. Carolle's sanctuary for a three-day/two-night retreat and went through the personalized process she created for me. After my stay at one of the most beautiful healing retreats with gardens that would delight any spirit; I was a new woman. I learned how to replenish my soul, discover the root cause of all the negative issues in my life that was causing me to be ill and how to deal with them. I had the opportunity to rest, receive healing touch therapies, detoxify my mind and body and learn how to integrate CBD/cannabis in my treatment regimen. I chose to go through chemotherapy and radiation therapy which was not easy. Dr. Carolle made sure I had ALL the tools necessary to make it through successfully. It's been five years and my doctors are still amazed at how healthy I am. I continue to put in practice what I learned from Dr. Carolle during the retreat. Making the decision to go to her retreat was the best thing I could have done for myself and my family. I am happy to be alive, healthy and thriving. I plan to continue enjoying life for a long time to come. If you are suffering from the ravages of cancer I highly recommend you call Dr. Carolle and at least discuss your situation.


After spending time with Dr. Carolle following my diagnosis of cancer, I got the information that I needed to make the right decisions for myself. I can now spend my energy on healing myself instead of wasting time seeking the answer at every crossroad of this journey. 


Thank you, so much, for the enlightened consultation.

Your frank and honest opinions and insights are refreshing and comforting. I feel empowered and relieved. You have given me the tools (information & insight) to speak to my oncologist and hopefully agreed to my medical care going forward. If I don't agree, then I will go to someone else who will take my opinions, fears, and feelings into account when it comes to my treatment. 

Chose what suits you best:

  • Three-Step Telephone Thrive & Survive Cancer Package – Learn more
  • Three-Step In-Person Thrive & Survive Cancer Package – Learn more
  • One-On-One Exclusive Thrive & Survive Cancer Retreat – Learn more

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