Three-Step Telephone Thrive & Survive Cancer Package

The Transformational Three-Step Process I Use

$ 500.00

This process took me years to develop because I wanted those who agree to work with me to have a true life-altering experience. 

Step One:

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive the link to fill out an online Comprehensive Cancer Health Questionnaire. The more detailed and specific you are, the better I am able to help you. If you choose, we can send you a PDF questionnaire for you to fill out.

Taking the time to do this opens that portal deep in your subconscious where, often for the first time, you “see” your true self. Those few hours of introspection reveal what I call your cake, slice by slice. 

Please fill out the questionnaire at least 48 hours before our session. If you choose to do the PDF version please take a picture of it and email it to I will take time to read your information beforehand, so I know what’s going on with you; the treatments you are being offered or going through, whether it is surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or other alternative therapies. Our time together will be focused on finding the clarity and solutions you are yearning for. 

Step Two: 

Together, I do a thorough, intuitive, in-depth evaluation of every area of your life. My gift is to quickly uncover the root cause of the imbalance that is causing you to increase your risk of cancer and get the necessary tools you need to deal with the findings. With that knowledge, it is easier to decide what kind of treatment is best for you, especially when working with your oncologist, radiation therapist or surgeon. 

Regardless of what you are facing right now, my support and guidance will help you sift through all the choices being thrown at you and help you make the right decisions for YOU. You are no longer alone and confused!

Personalized supporting tools you will receive include how to strengthen the spirit, finding your reason to live, having healthy boundaries in all areas of your life, finding better ways to deal with stress, letting go of toxic emotions, heal the past, how to incorporate cannabis and CBD, a nutritional and exercise plan, and positive affirmations to use to help keep the negative energies at bay, to name a few. All this gives the mind, body and soul a chance to rest, get strength and heal at all levels.

With all this information in hand, now all your energy can be focused on healing and preventing further damage, thriving during the treatments and becoming a survivor with an excellent quality of life.

After the session, you will get your personalized affirmations that I am guided to write for you in order to balance your mind, body and spirit whenever you are stressed. Repeat these affirmations over and over and it will help you deflate the negative energies that are constantly being created during this chaotic time. Coupled with any healing techniques that I share with you during our encounter make them work even faster.

Your homework will consist of writing down everything that has transpired and the lessons you have learned. Please send it to me AT THE LATEST 48 hours after our session for me to review. Email it to In doing so, and by recollecting our session, it will assure these tools will be there to guide you when you have to make major life decisions. They are now part of your life and from now on you will be able to be the best you that you always wanted to be. The goal is that stress is eliminated from your life giving your body a chance to finally rest peacefully and heal.


Step Three: 

I will review your homework, to make sure you are on the right path and give you the necessary feedback.

This life change package for only $ 500.00

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If you have any questions, please send us an email at or give us a call at 619-741-7261. Please leave your name, phone number, your time zone and the best time to call you back, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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