Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Three-Step Telephone Consultation​

  Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes In Less Than THIRTY DAYS!

My Transformative Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Three-Step-Process for True Healing

This process took me years to develop because I wanted those I agreed to work with to have a truly life-altering experience.


Step One:

Once your payment is received, we will send you a link to my calendar and another for the Farewell Type 2 Diabetes Questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire at least 48 hours before the consultation.

I thoroughly review all your information, and if need be, I will ask for more details. This process will continue until I have acquired what is needed to see the whole picture. Reading the information beforehand, I will already know what is going on with you, and our time together can focus on finding the clarity and solutions you are yearning for.


Step Two:

A 60-minute telephone consultation where we will review together the information you sent me and get the answers you are looking for.

After the session, your homework will consist of writing down everything that has transpired and the lessons you have learned and sending it to me within 48 hours at the latest for me to review. Recollecting our session will ensure that these tools are now part of you and that you can be the best you always wanted to be.


Step Three:

I will thoroughly review your homework sent within 48 hours after the telephone session, ensure that you are on the right track, and give you the necessary feedback.

This package includes the following:

1. One 30-minute Three-Step Follow-Up Telephone Consultation within 30 days of the consultation. 

2. Stress is one of the significant root causes of elevated blood glucose and A1c, other abnormal lab results, and many health conditions related to Type 2 diabetes and its complications. You will also receive a link to download my 2-Set-Audio: You Can Relax Now: Total Relaxation & Healing Exercises for Optimum Health I wrote and narrated while infusing them with healing energy so the healing can begin immediately!

3. Food, blood glucose, and stress diaries.

4. And many more health-related articles and worksheets according to your needs.

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We will send you a link to Dr. Carolle’s calendar upon receiving your payment. Complete the form in the confirmation email, after you book your appointment in Calendly.


If you have any questions, please send us an email at drcarolle@cox.net or give us a call at 619-741-7261. Please leave your name, phone number, time zone, and the best time to call you back, and we will contact you as soon as possible.