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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection and Avoid Burnout

Are you pushing yourself mentally when your body needs to rest? 

Have you been missing a message from your intuition about a personal decision?

How can you rest your mind so that you can properly follow what your gut is telling you? 

These are questions that can be answered by strengthening the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Seems easy enough, right?

Your body is already in constant communication with your mind, telling you when something hurts, and when you’re hungry or tired. Knowing that our body has that ability, why not harbor the connection and create an even stronger dialogue. Below are a few techniques to begin elevating those vital inward connections to heal and feel more at peace with your self.

1. Listening

What was the last decision you made that was based on your gut feeling or intuition? Your soul has a tendency of speaking to you through emotions or reactions, and sometimes we get too caught up with what other people tell us we “should do” that we do not even hear our self and our own needs.

Stop whatever you are doing right now and just listen to your body. What is it saying? How do you feel right this second and what do you need? Listening is the first and most important step in strengthening your mind, body, and spirit connection. 

2. Meditation

There are many different meditation techniques, but a very easy way to begin your meditation practice is to sit comfortably in a peaceful environment. You may want to set an alarm for a certain amount of time, (you could even start with just five minutes). Close your eyes and begin to repeat a mantra to yourself, (for example: “om”). Throughout your meditation practice, be consciously aware of your breath, body, and the mantra. It is important to practice at the same time each day and remember that meditation is a journey.

4. Intentional Breathing 

When stress feels imminent, you can calm your mind and body down by taking deep, methodical breaths. Close your eyes and breathe in from your abdomen. Count to three during your inhale, hold for another three seconds, and then release your breath for three seconds. Do this intentionally several times, every day and you will feel yourself in far more control of your negative or anxious thoughts.

How do you strengthen your inner connection?

Which of these techniques works best for you?

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