Master Queso, Kelco Historical Mural and I

My sanctuary garden has been a labor of love that started in 2000. A place to heal and renew! I am blessed to use my talents and those of the many artists – including Salvador Roberto Torres, the world-renown Hispanic muralist. Read More

On Being Nurtured by Nature

In the evenings, I meet with village leaders to prioritize the few resources we bring to share. One night, I went to bed around midnight, wondering if I would have the strength to accomplish all I had scheduled the next day. Read More

How to Deal with Disappointments

There’s no way to avoid disappointments in life, but there are good ways to cope with them. When we are disappointed in a major way, we usually go through the stages of grief, which include shock, denial, anger, and sorrow. Read More

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection and Avoid Burnout

Your body is already in constant communication with your mind, telling you when something hurts, and when you’re hungry or tired. Knowing that our body has that ability, why not harbor the connection and create an even stronger dialogue. Below are a few techniques to begin elevating those vital inward connections to heal and feel more at peace with your self. Read More